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Unique Promotion and Corporate gift Ideas

Corporate gifts are nothing new. For years companies have awarded employees for service, shown appreciation for dedication and sent out special gifts to preferred clients and associates as a thoughtful way of saying thank you.

Though there are many occasions for a unique business promotion or corporate gift the ideas tend to be generic and worn out. How many golf tees and pen sets can one employee really use? If you need a new idea that will not only show special appreciation but also enrich the lives of the people involved consider fine art prints on note cards, greeting cards and enhanced stock paper or as framed gifts.

Giving a gift of fine art with a personalized message and/or frame adds a unique touch to any award or special appreciation offering. Too often the corporate world is devoid of emotion and heart. The bottom line figures tend to overshadow the human element of business and can leave employees and clients feeling the cold shoulder of capitalism. Even when you send a standard corporate or business gift such as money clips, pen sets and travel gadgets the effect is less than warming and reminds people that the relationship is on a business level and nothing more.

With original artwork prints, photography and Giclee fine art prints you not only give a valued employee or customer a thoughtful gift but one that includes a more heartfelt message that goes beyond boardrooms and spreadsheets. When recognizing employees for special appreciation or a client for years of loyalty you want to let them know that their effort and service is acknowledged and held in high regard.

Promoting a business through fine art greeting cards and personalized engraved frames sets your business apart from the masses and creates a special relationship with clients and prospects. Taking the time and effort to make an impression shows and is remembered by the recipient which is a major step towards gaining the trust of a business partner. Choosing enhanced card stock or velvet fine art paper for promotion materials gives your business a classy and refined edge that speaks volumes about your dedication and seriousness.

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