The Stubbs Art Studio Banner - created from an original acrylic on canvas of an early evening with orange sky over Cecil Couonty, MD
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The SAS Wearable Art Logo and images of the 4 horses and colts playing embroidered images

Stubbs Art Studio Wearable Art
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Stubbs Art Studio is pleased to offer our Wearable Art line of equine themed embroidered apparel. With these fine quality embroidered garments young and old alike can display their love for horses with these equine themed Tote Bags and casual wear tops including T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Fleece Outerwear for children, teens, women, and men. Each features a unique, highly detailed, and fine quality embroidered image of horses reproduced from original watercolor and acrylic paintings from the artists of Stubbs Art Studio. Read on to learn how your internet purchases of wearable art contribute to the welfare of horses.

We care very much for the welfare of horses and the continuation of artistic expression so a percentage of the proceeds from every internet sale of equine themed wearable art are donated to The American Quarter Horse Foundation. We chose this charity becasue it provides programs for both horses and humans, including Equine Research for the improved well being of all horses, Education and Scholarship funds, Hall of Fame and Museum, and Theraputic Riding Programs. We chose AQHA because it supports both horses and people. Man and horse have been inextricably linked throughout history and now is as fine a time as ever to celebrate the special relationship that has formed by donning expertly embroidered equine themed wearable art.

The horse has been one of the more celebrated animals when it comes to art. Featured on numerous canvasses, sculptures, statues and murals the stunning and majestic horse has captivated the imagination and fancy of humans since the day they first met. Now the natural beauty and powerful elegance of the horse can be captured on specific clothing for a truly unique embroidered clothing piece that instantly becomes one-of-a-kind wearable art.

Created and adapted from genuine watercolor and acrylic paintings, our exclusive line of wearable equine themed art is an extension of the authentic and copyrighted works of Stubbs Art Studio. At first glance you may think of this as just another logo, but quite to the contrary, it is wearable art. Unlike lifeless clip art, or some company logo embroidered on a garment, these embroidered images have the same life, emotion, and aesthetic appeal as their original paintings. The thread colors used in these embroidered images are painstakingly selected by the original artist to capture the detail and stunning colors that make the originals such treasured works of art.

After the originals are captured in digital form each then has the background removed and the remaining image is digitized so it can be read by the embroidery machines and reproduced on the chosen garment. All original artists have control over the threads that are used from a colorful palette to ensure that the reproduction is as close to the original as possible in color and detail. Artists also give final approval to any and all stitch outs before any image is transferred onto a piece of clothing.

Throughout history the horse has been a friend, companion, beast of burden and weapon for man, and the legacy of the equine influence on human culture continues today with the vast amounts of artwork, prints, paintings and designs that feature the noble and honorable horse. From ancient Greek and Roman times through the exploration of the great American west up to the fleet thoroughbred races of today horses continue to awe and inspire artists, writers and designers who appreciate and respect the awesome beauty of the stately horse. Capturing the individual personalities of horses while in motion is a feat that artists have been perfecting for years and now with embroidered wearable art you can proudly display this illustrious animal wherever you go.

Of course, none of this would be possible if it were not for the efforts and patience of our digitizer and embroiderer. They endure, and share, our desire for perfection in these embroidered reproductions, and work patiently and tirelessly through the many iterations we require before a final stitch-out is approved.

All of this ensures that when you wear Stubbs Art Studio Wearable Art equine themed embroidered apparel it is in fact wearable art.

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