The Stubbs Art Studio Banner - created from an original acrylic on canvas of an early evening with orange sky over Cecil Couonty, MD
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Image of a Yellow Stubbs Art Studio Wearable Art T-shirt embroidered with Colts Playing.
This image of Dusk at the Jersey Shore from Stubbs Art Studio is a link to our e-store for Exhibition Quality Fine Art Prints
This image of The Original Gift Greetings Personalized fine art print and frame fine art card envelope and glass paneled frame.

Personalized Fine Art Prints and Frames

Fine artwork and fine art prints are greatly enhanced when mounted in a solid black, gallery-style frame. In addition to protecting the print with a glass panel cover the frame itself can be displayed on desks, tables and mantles and even mounted on walls. With a high quality gallery-style frame you add to the aesthetic presentation of the artwork and compliment the work with a fitting showcase.

Whether for the home, office or to be offered as a gift any fine art print will be augmented in style with the addition of a gallery-style frame. All black frames compliment almost any existing décor and with custom engraving available you can personalize any artwork frame to make it a treasured keepsake.

When a company wants to recognize an employee or give special thanks to a valued customer sending fine art prints in classic personalized frames is a great way to be original and thoughtful. Not only does the artwork enhance the recipient’s life but the custom frame adds a personal touch that reflects genuine appreciation.

Laser engraving with gold fill on a solid black frame is a stylish and elegant way to personalize a frame. Great for business promotion, employee recognition and family and friends engraved frames add a refined touch to any gift offering and set it apart from generic gift ideas.

With personalized fine art prints and frames you can display your treasured artwork on desks and tables, fireplace mantles and shelves and even have it mounted and hung on a wall. Wherever seems most appropriate to you is just fine with a high quality gallery-style glass panel frame. Offices, home recreation rooms and dens and even awards cases are all fine settings for original print artwork.

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