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Personalized Fine Art Gifts

Gift giving is a time honored tradition that covers holidays, birthdays, special occasions and even workplace accomplishments. Unfortunately with so many occasions people have become overwhelmed with choices for gifts and surprisingly many bypass the challenge of finding something special and instead opt for a gift card or other common gift idea. One option for presenting a friend, co-worker or loved one with a heartfelt gift is to find unique fine art prints and to compliment that print with a personalized frame.

With so many occasions and opportunities to offer gifts the trick is choosing a gift that expresses your thanks and appreciation while at the same time being unique and clever. Fine art print reproductions take care of being unique. While original artwork would definitely make for a special gift the price tag on an authentic piece of art can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether itís an acrylic painting, sculpture or canvas original works of art are rarely realistic options for a gift unless you happen to run with the fabulously wealthy.

However, with the advancements in digital printing techniques getting a fine art reproduction print is almost as good as the real thing and is only a fraction of the cost of an original. Today there are several methods for achieving museum quality giclee prints of original artwork to be printed on archival quality card stock, cotton rag paper and even greeting cards. Transferring original artwork to a variety of high quality papers and card stock is becoming easier and the quality is improving as well.

Now that youíve found a unique gift idea the next step is to personalize the work of art with a custom frame that can be branded with a personís name, special date or personal message. When combined with a fine art print reproduction the personalized frame creates a special keepsake that will be cherished and valued for years to come by the recipient. The added value of a personalized frame is the number of options for displaying the fine art print. Well designed, high quality frames can be displayed on table tops, desks, shelves and special glass showcase mantles that will forever create a memorable place for a truly unique gift.

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