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Musuem Quality Giclee Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints can be used for many occasions including greeting cards, holiday gifts and other special events but if not preserved well the artwork can fade over time and the paper stock can start to wrinkle from moisture. One method for protecting and preserving fine art prints is to use a process known as Giclee.

Giclee is a French word meaning “to spray” and Giclee prints are produced on a special type of inkjet printer direct from a digital image using archival inks and papers. This produces what is called “museum quality” prints or “archival quality” and depending on how well the process is done can ensure a life expectancy up to 108 years.

Other techniques for preserving fine art prints is to use a glass display surface to protect the artwork ink and paper against UV light that causes fading, yellowing and cracking. Using an environmentally-friendly protective coating to the print can help to resist scuffing, scratching, finger prints and dust.

You can also increase the life expectancy of a fine art print by using higher standard paper and card stock. You can find many different types of paper and card stock including folded archival fine art paper and 100% cotton rag velvet paper that enhances the color and lines of a reproduced digital print and brings the art to life.

Another idea for professionally preserving fine art prints is to have the artwork mounted and matted for framing. In a well-crafted, high quality frame with glass display window your fine artwork print is protected from dust, UV light, fingerprints and other common hazards that can combine to wear down a print.

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