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This image of Dusk at the Jersey Shore from Stubbs Art Studio is a link to our e-store for Exhibition Quality Fine Art Prints
This image of The Original Gift Greetings Personalized fine art print and frame fine art card envelope and glass paneled frame.

Fine Art Prints

Fine art has captivated our imagination for centuries. The emotional connection we as humans have for individual beauty recreated through paintings and drawings is strong and has enriched the lives of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Whether used for a unique gift idea, an adornment for an office wall or as a sign of appreciation and thanks fine art has a number of practical uses even in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Unfortunately original fine artwork is hard to find and even harder to use for gifts and keepsakes. Luckily fine art print reproductions allow people the chance to capture the colors and images of fine artwork and use it for note cards, greeting gifts, picture frames and even clothing. With advanced reproduction technology original artwork can be vividly transferred onto museum quality Giclee prints, 100% Cotton Rag velvet paper and enhanced card stock. Such methods and resources produce archival quality print reproductions of beautiful original artwork that can now be shared with friends, employees and other special people in your life.

Traditional art increases in value as time goes by. Fine art prints do as well. The fine art print market has boomed in the past decades. Prints can be used for decoration and at the same time, they are an investment. It is possible for fine art prints to appreciate ten or twenty percent every year. This makes them a very good investment.

Fine art prints are traditionally printed reproductions of an original artwork. However, many would attest that a fine art print is an original work of art. In order to create a fine art print, the artist forms an image through woodcut or etching. The ink is then applied to the surface of the final art. When the inked surface is transferred to paper, an impression of print is made. Prints are usually signed and numbered by the artist and would form part of a limited edition. Thus, through this process, the artwork becomes available to a greater number of individuals to be appreciated and enjoyed.

To protect yourself and your investment, it is important to have a Certificate of Authenticity or CoA. It provides information about the print, the original work, the type of paper and inks, as well as the reproduction method and the equipment used. A Certificate of Authenticity is not a sales gimmick; it is your peace of mind and assurance of a quality Fine Art Print. In some states a CoA is required by law for insurance purposes.

One misconception about fine prints is that they are not "original" art works. This is actually far from the truth. Fine-quality prints are produced in limited, small-scale batches, usually directly overseen by the artist.

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