Painters of Realism; we capture images that ignite emotions.

I observe my surroundings moment by moment, and in these moments I am captivated by the wonder and beauty of what I see. Displaced from my reality, stopped at that moment in time. But like so many other things in life, these images are temporary and fleeting, leaving only a faded image in my memory.

In conversation I try desperately to express what I’ve seen, but what I’ve seen is greater than an image I can describe, because I also experienced it. Try as I might, when I attempt to share what I’ve seen, my words pale in comparison, never really able to express the overwhelming emotion that caused me to pause and shut out the rest of the world while I savored the site.

In my artwork, I strive to capture these moments just as I remember them. At that fleeting moment when my conscience is snapped back to reality and the hurried pace that I momentarily escaped from.

Flowers fade, landscapes change, and sunsets and sunrises are new everyday. Skies as unique as the snow flake and as numerous as the number of days since the beginning of time. When I think of how much we see and even more of how much we miss I am grateful that I have eyes to see, a heart to feel, and hands to capture these moments to experience again and again.

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